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  1. used to pop in every few weeks- after tonight’s service I’ll NEVER GO BACK!

    I don’t ask for much in a sushi place- 1)provide adequately good food that won’t make me sick, 2)provide adequate service that will address problems should they arise.

    Tonight Yanagi dropped the ball on both accounts. The primary reason for the review is this- After a long day at work and a Mopac-traffic ride home I decided not to cook, so I called in a take-out order from Yanagi. Its in a convenient location & has not failed me yet.

    I ordered the Philadelphia roll, the Las Vegas roll, the Crunchy roll & spicy garlic edamame. I also asked for extra soy sauce, noting laughingly that we were out at the house.

    My husband stopped in to pick up shortly after I called. After a short wait he returned home with our order.

    The bag was knotted shut or else maybe he’d of checked it before he left the restaurant. Not thinking he’d have to look for an impending mistake, he brought the bag in and we checked it out.

    Inside was 1) no chopsticks (the girl I ordered from mentioned they would be) 2)no soy sauce (even though my request for extra was not going to be a problem) 3)edamame that was not cooked through 4)only two of our three rolls we ordered.

    The food was alright- edible for sure, but lacking that sparkle you expect when you spend $40 ON TAKE OUT!!!

    Here’s THE WORST PART- If I come across a mistake like this, all I ask is to fix it. I left with $25 worth of merchandise- you should reimburse me for the product I did not receive. When we called the restaurant we explained what happened and we were told they’d call us back. 20 minutes later the phone rang and they apologized but offered no recourse. We pushed further for a solution and were placed on hold while the hostess talked to the “manager”. When the hostess told us there was nothing she could do we got upset and decided NOT to drop it. We demanded to speak with the manager- a man came on the line and we explained what happened- then he laughed, “I am just the waiter- the managers not even here tonight…” We about flipped out. All we wanted was to be reimbursed for the food we never got- thats practically like stealing RIGHT out of our pocket.

    They were not willing to even provide another roll- something we may have (begrudgingly) accepted. Bottom line- if you can’t serve your customers needs when an issue pops up then you “have no business being in business!”

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